Tresspass on a Level IV Brane



“Familiarity is soporific. We each live our mental life in a prison house from which there is no escape. It is our body; and it’s only communication with the outer world is through our sense organs–eyes, ears etc., these form windows through which we can look out onto the outer world and acquire knowledge of it.” -Sir James Jeans

“Familiar” however is the key, perception is a matter of seeing the present with images stored from the past; it is a matter of selecting the most likely (that is the most familiar) object, the most “obvious” answer for the question, What is it? This acceptance by the brain of the most probable answer implies a danger: It must be difficult, perhaps somewhat impossible, to see very unusual objects. And if perception is a matter of making sense of the world with our limited collection of answers from the past, then what happens when we are confronted with something unique? The answer is, WE DON’T SEE IT.

We not only believe what we see, to some extent we see what we believe….The implications about our beliefs are frightening -Richard Gregory

chiral |ˈkīrəl|

adjective Chemistry

asymmetric in such a way that the structure and its mirror image are not superimposable. Chiral compounds are typically optically active; large organic molecules often have one or more chiral centers where four different groups are attached to a carbon atom.             –Apple dictionary v2.1.3

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